treasure chestEveryone has their own rhythm and style to their daily devotions and Bible reading.  Paul Klomp, a regular attendee at Emmanuel, has shared sets of related Bible verses, buried treasure as you will,  that allow the reader to grab onto some themes of scripture. As he puts them together, each in its own gold nuggettreasure chest, you will find that reading verses from different sections of the Bible all together in one sitting may stir your heart and help you reflect on God’s word in a different way.  

Click on a number below for a mini-Bible study. Check back for additional nuggets in our treasure chests! Thank  you, Paul!


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(1-4 have Bible studies attached- stay tuned for more!)


A bio statement from Paul:

To satisfy the curiosity of the local academic culture, Paul has studied at St. John’s College, Winfield, Concordia Senior College, University of Kansas, et. al.  His plan to be a Lutheran Pastor was redirected by the Lord, toward industrial manufacturing and marketing, with parallel interests in real estate.  Throughout his life, Biblical studies have been his North Star.  He has written notations on translating the Gospel of John from the original Greek, and Bible studies on the Holy Spirit, as well as anthologies on Old Testament chronology, prayer, Bible passages, etc.  His goal is to be God’s child, servant, and heir to eternal life.  He and his bride, Andrea, have resided near State College, PA for 36 years, and have recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.  They have been blessed with two children and four grandchildren.

#1 Theme: Intro to Prayer

#2 Theme: Prayer and Praise

#3 Theme: Prayer and Forgiveness

#4 Theme: Sin and Promises