14015107673_90fa5e9783_bThere are many ways to grow in your faith. Some people learn best through books and reading. Others prefer to watch a video or listen to a webinar. Others prefer a face to face encounter, or being taught in a systematic way. This page will provide a variety of ways that you might grow in your faith. If you have found a resource that you think would be helpful for others, please share! Just send a quick email to emmanuelnalc@gmail.com and your information may help others grow in their faith!

We’d like to start a book review section as well– but need YOUR input!

  • Faith Growing Links (local, national)
    • A list of links to resources or organizations that many of us at Emmanuel have found inspiring and meaningful.
  • The Creeds
    • Our Christian faith has been summarized in statements of belief. Some are a quicker read, others more detailed. ┬áBeing familiar with the tenets of the creeds helps to put a framework around the ideas you hold dear- or are wondering about.
  • Reading the Bible
    • This link will take you a variety of resources that will help your dig into the Bible, make it a part of your everyday life, and describe some resources you may find helpful!
  • Sermons of Pastor Chris Milarch
  • BOOK REVIEWS! Coming soon- can you write one about a good strong faith support book? Submit to emmanuelnalc@gmail.com