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Our Story

Emmanuel Lutheran Church is a Lutheran congregation in State College, formed in November of 2015.  Emmanuel is a Hebrew word that means "God With Us" which was one of the titles given to Jesus at the time of his birth.  Jesus is Emmanuel - God with us - and we at Emmanuel are pleased to be called by this title, giving us a regular remembrance that Jesus and God are truly with us, today and every day.

Our congregation began as a small group of Christians, mostly Lutherans, who were seeking a church that would be traditional in its faith and practice.  Through the summer and fall of 2015, we gathered regularly in people's homes for Bible study, prayer and reflection.  We carefully considered all the options that were before us.  Ultimately we decided  to form our own congregation and to become a member congregation of the North American Lutheran Church (NALC).

We held our first worship service on the First Sunday in Advent, November 29, 2015.  Since that time we have gathered regularly for worship, to hear the Word of God in preaching and receive Holy Communion according to the Lutheran tradition.  

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