Emmanuel: A welcoming, safe place where God is with us,
where He is worshipped and glorified. We are getting ready to celebrate our RISEN LORD!


Emmanuel, baptism

Emmanuel’s Most Recent Baptism

Emmanuel Lutheran Church's Mission Statement :


  • The people of Emmanuel Lutheran Church seek to share God’s grace, grow through discipleship in Christ and serve with the help of the Holy Spirit


Who are we at Emmanuel?

We are….        

  • “Grounded in God’s Word”

At Emmanuel, we believe in the integrity of the Scriptures and that the Bible is the inspired Word of God.  God’s word endures through the ages and provides the roadmap for our lives and responses to each other and our world. The Bible is the final authority for Christian faith and life- God never changes!

We are….          

  • “Confident in God’s Grace”

We know that everything we receive from God is by His grace alone, not because of anything we have done.  God’s blessings to us show us the power of Love and we are called to pass that love on!

We are….       

  • “Committed to sharing God’s Love”

God’s Word and Grace model our commitment to share the Message and Love with everyone we meet.  We encourage each other, we reach out in love to help others and we stand firm in making sure that we tell the true story of Jesus and His redeeming love.

What Happens at ELC?

Along with the whole church, the people of Emmanuel gather for worship every Sunday and on other special days throughout the year (Ash Wednesday, Christmas, Holy Week).  In  our worship we praise God for his gifts and offer him our prayers.

The worship at Emmanuel follows the classic Lutheran traditional liturgy.  There is a certain structure to our worship, many parts of which go back to the practice of the early days of the church. Within this structure, some parts change from week to week (hymns, Bible readings, and prayers), while other parts remain the same throughout the year.  Congregation members are encouraged to assist with the service.  We celebrate Holy Communion every week.

1.  We GATHER as a community.  We confess our sins and praise God in song and prayer.

2.  We HEAR his Word.  We read three lessons from the Bible, and we hear God speak  to us a living word in the sermon.

3.  We DINE at his table.  We confess our faith and offer or prayers.  Then we offer thanks and praise over the bread and wine and share in the meal of Jesus’ body and blood.

4.  We GO FORTH to serve.  Fortified and comforted with God’s grace and mercy in worship, we depart in peace to serve God in our daily lives.

emmanuel, confirmation, affirmation

Emmanuel Lutheran Affirmation of Baptism Service

For more information about Emmanuel Lutheran Church of State College, please contact us at EmmanuelNALC@gmail.com or call 814-826-1352.WEBSITE Emmanuel Lutheran Church Logo-02